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Quality Custom Landscaping

The QCL Commercial 24
Property Maintenance Program


The commercial 24 package is designed to take the pressure off property managers by lightening the load. 

The foundation of your curb appeal is the landscaping, but creating and maintaining the landscape you envision, or at least making it presentable is an effort that has no off season. At QCL we understand work related issues can get in the way of doling out the care and attention you’d plan to give to your property. By delivering the professional attention your property deserves, our plan allows property managers and business owners to transition from season to season without being overwhelmed with the angst of outdoor maintenance.

The Commercial 24 includes two maintenance visits a month spread out 10 to 14 days apart consisting of turf mowing, weed eating, edging, blowing, shrub trimming, weed control in parking lots and walkways, blowing off parking lots and walk ways, and fallen leaf, limb, rubbish an debris removal of all work areas.

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